Writing Reviews for Indie Music

consoleSome people like to believe that indie music is simply about dressing up in a particular way that stands out from the rest of the crowd. (Like a fancy but funny hat bought using a rare Bonprix gutscheincode.) At other times, people also think that to go indie simply means deviating from every possible norm. But of course, as you probably know, indie is so much more than that.

Indie is a culture, a system of values, that refuses to believe or to adhere to anything just because everyone else believes it or abides by it. Having said that, it makes sense that such a culture applies to music, as well. And so, you find yourself in this day and age, where more and more artists are producing indie music. How do you write reviews for them, though?

Step #1: Go buy an indie album.

As Sherlock would say, this is ‘elementary, my dear Watson.’ Of course, if you need to write a review of indie album, you will first need to secure an indie album. Don’t worry about having to identify where to find them. You can simply look up the word ‘indie’ on Spotify and iTunes, and you will most likely be confronted with a whole list of indie albums.  (And this saves you a lot of money, too, especially if you go there using an Uber free voucher code.)

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Step #2: Have a seat and have your preliminary listening.

Your preliminary listening should not be focused on taking the album apart, though, not just yet. Your first listening session should just be all about basking yourself in the whole field of the album. Get a feel for each song, and just enjoy it. (While you’re at it, don’t allow yourself to get distracted by stuff such as your Tajawal coupon code. There’s plenty of time for that later.)

Step #3: Really listen.

This is the part where you can now take apart the album. Perform an analysis of each song by choosing one aspect to listen to and focusing on that. For example, focus on the guitars section, and try to make sense of what the artist is doing.

After that, you’ll be more than ready to write your review.