Looking for Indie Music

Perhaps one of the greatest struggles of anyone who is still starting out in their indie journey or indie life is precisely where to look for sources and resources. A shared characteristic of independently manufactured or created product is that they’re usually self-funded or community-funded, which therefore makes them highly elusive. (This is probably bad news for those who think they can just shop online for that local brand.)

This struggle is especially true for times when you’re looking for indie music, too. And it probably pisses you off that all around you, these indie acts are sprouting like mushrooms, but you have no idea where to find them or pin them down. Well, here are a few possible places and ways that you can enjoy your indie music.

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How to Find Indie Music

listen to musicOf course, this first tip isn’t rocket science. The first thing you need to do is to do your much-needed research. Actually, there are countless online services such as Pandora, YouTube, or Spotify that will allow you to put in the name of an artist you enjoy and will make recommendations for you of new artists for you to listen to.

Another thing you can try doing is to visit the local records store near you. While there, you can imagine that you’re in that precious scene from Before Sunrise, and gush at how romantic that little scene was. But yes, you’re there to pick through records and look for artists or albums that are hardly talked about in the mainstream. Be prepared to spend some money in this records store; after all, it’s much better than spending money on your voucher codes (that you hardly get to use anyway).

Also, you can try talking to people who profess to have indie tastes in music. Don’t be afraid of getting rejected. Indie people appreciate those whom they know appreciate them, too. They’ll be more than happy and willing to provide you with some music recommendations (and good ones, at that).


Surely, after you’ve followed these steps, you’re bound to discover an indie act or two that you’ll certainly fall in love with. Don’t worry, you are not alone.